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Saturday the 27th, one of the most magical events happened: Ghost Ship. This is thrown by the Space Cowboys and Sunset Promotions, who also bring the wonderful Sunset Parties, Sunset Boat, and Sea of Dreams.

Complete photostream:  http://bit.ly/WJyAzH

The event took place on Treasure Island, in the same huge hangar that the Opulent Party happened in June. This venue is undoubtedly one of the finest in San Francisco and I am always excited for an event there. It is huge and can have several stages while also having plenty of space for people to sit, lie, find weird nooks and crannies, and have lots of outdoor space.

The event was done really smoothly. Getting there was easy – the shuttles operated from 1st and Tehama which was smart since that is extremely close to the freeway and allows the shuttles to go back and forth quickly. When I got to the shuttle at 10:45, there was no line and it didn’t seem like anyone was waiting outside when we left. The water was cheap and they had fountains that were pretty easy to access. The only downside was that it was hard to find a map of the venue to see where the different areas were. Though in some senses that did add to the mystery of it.

When I stepped in, it felt like being at the Playa all over again. The art cars, the LEDs, the blaring bass all combined to give me an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, happiness, and that unique feeling of freedom you get from the Playa. One of the art structures they brought out was near my camp and was the reminder that I was back home after being out after a long night.

Captivating view from above.

Beautiful art car at Ghost Ship

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the music. According to everyone I talked to and the snippets I was paying attention for, it was really good. They did play some songs that were not pure dubstep – I definitely heard ‘Gangam Style’ at one point.

The main aspects that made the event so great was the vibe, the art, and all the fun ass shit to do. The community that this event attracts is definitely fun and open to meeting new people and is more about the music and art than anything else. The art was interesting – there were everything from giant marionettes to the art cars to those LED umbrellas that just looked stunning.

Elegant LED Umbrellas

As some described it to me “It was a big playground” – just like the Playa. It also had a lot of things that we missed because it was so vast and fairly intricate (again like the Playa). I saw a silent disco, tons of platforms and stands and spaceships to go on top, 5 stages, a swinging rope thing. There were also lots of places to lie down and rest if you did not feel like running around or dancing. I remember the Hookahdome had a bunch of pillows and couch seats lying around that sort of had a cuddle puddle thing going on by the time I got there around 3 am. The stand on top of the big square LED thing with the arms sticking out also had a great lookout point as well as pillows. It is in the picture below on the right side. It was somewhere on the Esplanade between 9 and 10 this year.

Look at all the lights!

The art cars were awesomely decorated and some did play music. Only one thing was a bummer – they didn’t move. I know, it’s not their fault – they can’t exactly just drive people around Treasure Island. Being in them though was a happy reminder of floating across the Playa blasting music while you danced on top. Ah the memories. Ghost Ship did a great job of not only evoking those memories but creating new ones for everyone to remember.


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